Below are the necessary skills that you need to master to learn the art of Quran recitation. Here are some tips.

  • Learn the perfect pronunciation.
  • Improve intonation.
  • Quality of the Recitation matters
  • Verbalization of Vowels, characteristic, and rules
  • The right time to breathe, pause and stop.
  • Practice after world’s best Quran reciters
  • No rise and fall without understanding.
  • Educate others to enhance your skill.

Quran reading is not like reading an ordinary book for which there is no need to care for any rise and fall, melody, or rhythm. It is our Merciful Lord’s Last Message and guidance for the whole of mankind. Let’s see what steps you are to follow to beautify your Quran recitation. It is a great blessing on all the Muslims and the native Arabs recite it most beautifully on account of being sent in their own language (Arabic). But the non-Arabs are in no way behind, in learning the recitation of the Holy Quran. They leave no stone unturned to embellish their recitation skills, seeking help from online Quran tutors, who polish their recitation skills with their dedicated attention!

Let us see what steps you are to follow to beautify your Quran recitation.

Learn Perfect Pronunciation

We are familiar with sentences that consist of words and words are constructed by joining letters. We can pronounce words only when vowels are incorporated in them. The words are meaningful entities, and they convey the right meaning only when they are pronounced rightly. The need for correct pronunciation rises to a climax when it comes to reading and reciting the Holy Quran. It is this reason all the Muslim kids are taught the Noorani Qaida at first which is packed with all the rules of accurate word pronunciation with vowels. All the Tajweed learning steps always start with learning the sounds and utterances of each Arabic letter. Get command of the first step and move to the next.

Improve Intonation

Learning intonation helps you understand the rise and fall during recitation. Intonation helps you understand.

  • When to heighten the sound
  • When to slow down
  • When to stop (silence)

Your regular concentration on the signs, characteristics, and principles of Tajweed will soon polish your recitation skills.

Improve the Quality of Recitation

Much care is needed to recite the best book on earth – the Holy Quran. The practice of pronunciation of rules will enhance the quality of your Quran recitation with every passing day. Though the simple reading of the Holy Quran also receives Allah’s blessings, a humble recitation with melody and rhythm is the most cherished act to gain Allah’s rewards. He showers His countless blessings on the reciter for every letter of it!

“Whoever recites a letter from Allah’s Book then he receives the reward from it, and the reward of ten the like of it. I do not say that Alif Lam Mim is a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter”.

(Sunan At-Tirmizi)

The beautiful recitation has a soothing impact on the dejected souls and has no match to reduce anxiety and depression! (Subhan Allah)

Verbalization of Vowels, Characteristics & Rules

Certain rules govern recitation like

  • Correct utterance and sounds of the letters &
  • Hiding and opening of the letters

You must observe these rules giving the due right to each character of the letter. It will lead you to a flawless recitation.

Right Time to Breathe, Pause & Stop

When verbalization of each letter of the word is accurate, then your recitation will become fluent, and impressive. Our online Quran tutors do their best to infuse recitation rules in your kids’ minds. Follow the right time of breathing, pausing, and stopping during your recitation and your recitation skill will move to the next level.

Practice after the World’s Best Quran Reciters

Now, when you have recognized all the Tajweed rules with the help and devoted guidance of your online Quran teacher, practice will make you perfect. The best way to bring style, melody, and rhythm to your recitation is to practice after the world’s best Quran reciters. Invest a few minutes to search for and download some audio and videos. Listen to them carefully in your free time and practice with and after them to beautify your tone and style more and more!

No Rise & Fall Without Understanding

Words are a combination of a few letters, but they deliver meaning like silent speakers. One great idea that can add to the beauty and appeal of your recitation style is to know the meaning of every word of the verse you are reciting. Without understanding the meanings of the words, your recitation may not acquire the true rise and fall. So, pay attention to this aspect of the recitation as well!

Educate Others to Enhance Your Skill

It is a great trick to share your art to master your skill. By educating others, you will be able to shatter your hesitation (if any) and it will enhance your skill and confidence! You will also be rewarded by Allah SWT for this good act.


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