Main Banner online kids Learn Quran Online Learning Quran and transferring its knowledge to kids is obligatory for every Muslim. Without understanding the Quran, we can never know how we can make our life and the hereafter successful. The Holy Quran gives us complete knowledge of Dos and Don’ts set by Allah. Start your free 7-day trial

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Online Quran classes

How It Works

It’s very easy to join us on Skype or Zoom to attend our online Quran lessons. You need only three things; a laptop or a smartphone, an internet connection, and headphones. If you have these three things, you are ready to join our online Quran classes. Contact us to schedule your Free Trial Lesson with our qualified tutor to get a practical idea of our online Quran classes. Once you are satisfied with our one-on-one method of online classes, you can start your course regularly.

About Online Quran Teaching School

Online Kids Madrasa is one of the best global online Quran teaching platforms that provides 24/7 service to worldwide students at very economical and affordable fees. We aim at providing the best Quran teaching facilities worldwide for all age groups, utilizing the latest technology. Our inspiration behind establishing Online Kids Madrasa was to reach the Muslims residing in non-Muslim or western countries and provide them with the best Quran teaching platform. Due to being away from the mosques and having no facilities of Quran teaching madrasas near them, they prefer to

learn Quran online from Pakistani and native Arab Tutors. We have made it our mission to arrange the highly qualified scholars preferably from Pakistan and the Arab countries and utilize their services as Quran Tutors.

Online Quran Teaching Academy

Learn Holy Quran at your home's comfort in your flexible time zone.

Learning Quran and transferring its knowledge to kids is obligatory for every Muslim. Without understanding the Quran, we can never know how we can make our life and the hereafter successful. We don’t impose our own schedule on students to join the Quran class. Instead, we give our worldwide students a free hand to share their flexible timing, and we compulsorily manage to teach them at their comfort hours. That’s why our students regularly attend their online lessons and show their love and passion for learning the Quran at their ease!

Why Join Us

Worldwide Recognized

Online Kids Madrasa has been providing Quran teaching services for 7-8 years in a number of countries including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

24/7 Service

Online Kids Madrasa offers Quran teaching services 24/7 for all time zones to make it possible for the students to learn Quran on their personalized schedule.

Easy and Secure Online Payments

Online Kids Madrasa has made it easy for the students to pay the fees via multiple safe and secure methods like credit cards, local bank transfers, PayPal, and Payoneer.

One-on-One Learning Mechanism

Online Kids Madrasa follows the one-on-one classes’ methodology in which preferably male tutors are assigned to male students and female tutors are assigned to female students.

Evaluation Report System

Online Kids Madrasa has introduced a quality control system that not only monitors the tutors but also prepares Evaluation Reports for every student and shares them with students’ parents every month.

Web Portal

Online Kids Madrasa uses a web portal to keep a record of schedules, lessons, complaints, and payments which makes the learning process extremely easy and smooth.

Alternative Tutors

To avoid any unnecessary break in your Online Quran Classes, Online Kids Madrasa has hired backup tutors to conduct the classes if your regular tutor isn’t available for some reason.

Multilingual Tutors

Online Kids Madrasa is putting all-out efforts to provide the best Online Quran Classes. For this purpose, we have hired highly qualified Arab & Non-Arab, Male and Female Quran tutors from Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan.

Strict Restriction on Controversial Topics

Any discussion regarding controversial topics like politics, racism, and sectarianism is strictly forbidden.