Learn Quran Online Free

Learn Quran Online Free

Online Kids Madrasa is an online Quran teaching academy well-known for providing its online Quran teaching services at a very economical fee.  You can find our standard charges here. Online Kids Madrasa also offers an opportunity to “Learn Quran Online Free” for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are unable to pay their fees. Those students who can’t afford the fee because of financial issues can avail this opportunity. Following are some characteristics of our “Learn Quran Online Free” program.

Characteristics of the program

  • Online Kids Madrasa will be paying the fee on your behalf out of donation money.
  • Your online Quran Tutor won’t be knowing whether you are paying the fee for your classes or not.
  • All the students are treated equally, regardless of the standard fee program or free program.
  • Students from those countries where Quran education is not accessible easily will be given priority for free online Quran classes program.
  • Those students who are enrolled in the free online Quran classes program won’t have to pay any registration fee whatsoever.

Terms and conditions of the Program

  1. To get enrolled in our “Learn Quran Online Free” program students will fill a proforma explaining the reason to join the free program.
  2. Only those students are eligible to get enrolled in this program who are eligible/deserving to receive donation (Sadaqah) money according to Islamic rules.
  3. There are limited slots available every month in the free program. If dedicated slots are full, you can apply for the free program next month.
  4. You have to be very punctual and regular for all the lessons. The free Quran lesson program will be discontinued for those students who will not be punctual for their lessons.
  5. Enrolment of students with less than 75% attendance will be terminated automatically.
  6. We would expect our students to spread the word about Online Kids Madrasa to their family and friends to join us for online Quran lessons.
  7. We would request our students to pray for the success and nourishment of the Online Kids Madrasa.